The beauty of dirty hair

Wait…dirty hair?!?!


Yes ladies, you heard me correctly. In our world, dirty hair can be a beautiful thing!

As your wedding approaches, meeting with your Stylist about your expectations the day of your wedding should be at the top of your list. One of the things we discuss with our brides is the ideal condition of your hair the day of the wedding. Most of you have heard to show up with “dirty hair”.  But what does that mean???

  First off, let me start with explaining to you what that doesn’t mean. It does NOT mean to show up without washing your hair for several days. Oily hair is not your friend, ladies! It will weigh your hair down, make it harder to achieve volume and impossible to create curl. “Dirty hair”  simply means dirtying it up with product. We recommend shampooing and giving yourself a blowout with styling products to create texture the night before or morning of your wedding.

If you would rather,  make an appointment and we will be happy do to the prep work for you! Here are some of our favorite Aveda wedding day essentials for creating dirty hair!  If you’re looking to add body and volume without weighing your hair down, Phomollient will be your friend for life! Thickening Tonic is the perfect prep to expand your strands from root to end and create thicker, fuller hair. A shot of Volumizing Tonic is always a go to for adding that extra lift we all want the day of the wedding. Basically, “dirty” your hair up naturally with Aveda not with your natural oils. 😉